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Choirs@TheTower by MDBrunch

30 Choirs performing over one weekend at the Tower

30 Choirs performing over one weekend at the Tower

Come and witness the power of belonging, the unity of singing and the utter joy of making live music together with Choirs@TheTower by MDBrunch.

MDBrunch is proud to present the fourth year of this special event in one of the world's most iconic locations.

UK Choirs celebrate music at the Tower 

Designed to lift everyone's spirits, 30 choirs from all around the UK will perform in rotation at three key locations within the Tower of London over the weekend. 

Performing a wide variety of music and song for all tastes, including festive favourites, the event promises to provide a wonderful musical backdrop to your visit to the Tower.

Image credit: The Sound Collective Chorus, Essex.


02 and 03 December 2023

Ticketing information

Included in palace admission (members go free)

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Choirs at the Tower - Project Get Singing, performing on the Tower Wharf.

Weekend Schedule

Download our PDFs to view the programme for Saturday and Sunday.

About MDBrunch

MDBrunch works with people who lead a variety of singing groups to improve and empower their impact by providing training resources, a support network of peers and performance opportunities.

There are at least 42,000 choirs in the country accounting for over 2.14 million members, which makes singing more regularly attended on a weekly basis than all amateur football played in the UK.

However, choir singing does not receive the same funding streams as sports nor the formalised CPD and training routes into choir leading without full-time postgraduate study.

MDBrunch is working hard to build the nation's recognition of the huge value these vocal leaders play in building togetherness within their communities.

We are very glad to see increasing signs of this as the NHS expands the social prescribing programme, using the arts and singing as upstream preventative measures against many commonly suffered but hidden conditions.

How to contact us

To find out more about our work or how to join a local vocal group, get in touch with us by emailing [email protected] and follow our socials @MDBrunch.

Learn more about the choirs

Choirs from across the UK will perform at the Tower. Find out more about them.

Read Choir Biographies
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