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Anne Boleyn looks at the camera under a gloomy sky in front of the White Tower and Battlements of the Tower of London.

Follow the tragic story of Anne Boleyn through her imprisonment, trial and execution at the Tower of London.

6 May – 27 August 2018, Friday-Tuesday


11:00 and 14:00

Illustration of the Tower of London's White Tower with food tents and displays in the foreground under a blue sky.

Join us for a fabulous food and drink festival in the iconic Tower of London moat.

07 September - 09 September 2018

Events Families Highlights

Friday and Saturday 10:00-19:00; Sunday 10:00-17:30

Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London

Be part of the Tower's Ceremony of the Keys and experience an ancient tradition that has taken place on each and every night, without fail, for at least 700 years.


Highlights Tours and talks

21:30 - 22:05

Young boy looking towards the imperial state crown in the Crown Jewels exhibition

Prepare to be dazzled by this breathtaking, world famous collection of 23,578 gemstones that are still used in royal ceremonies today which reside at the Tower of London.

Open daily

Things to see

Allow one hour

As a new Member, experience an expert's guide with one of our iconic Yeoman Warders at the Tower of London.

23 April (sold out), 13 May, 26 May, 17 June, 24 June, 2 July, 22 July 2018

Events Member only

One hour, starting at 17:45

Chief Yeoman Warder carrying the Tower keys

Member-only access to the traditional locking up of the Tower of London, the Ceremony of the Keys.

20 May (sold out), 17 June (sold out), 15 July 2018 (sold out)

Events Member only
The White Tower seen against a blue, partially cloudy sky on a sunny day with foliage creeping into the upper right-hand corner. Waterloo Block can be seen in the background

Member luncheons in the Sargeant’s Mess (formally known as the Perkin Reveller) hosted by Jascots Wine Merchants

11 May, 6 July (sold out) 2018

Member only

From 12:00

View of the White Tower exterior

See the Line of Kings and the Chapel of St John the Evangelist after hours with a White Tower guide, at the Tower of London.

14 May 2018

Member only

Doors open 18:15 for a 18:30 start.

Children looking over Tower wall

Join historian Lucy Worsley to find out all about the world’s most famous divorce!

21 April 2018

Events Member only

Doors open at 13:45 for a 14:00 start

Lucy Worsley talking on stage

Evening talk on the Tower and the Medieval Jewish community

24 April 2018

Events Tours and talks

Doors open at 19:15 with a 20:00 start

Photo of St Thomas' Tower at twilight

Join Sarah Oates as she leads a Philharmonia string quartet in music by Britten, Mozart and Purcell in this truly historic setting.

30 April 2018

Events Member only

Doors open at 18.30 for a 19.00 start

Black and white photo of suffragettes

Celebrate women's suffrage with a day of workshops, crafts, stalls and cake in the New Armouries at the Tower of London.

13 May 2018


11:00 - 16:00