Online bookings will be unavailable between 3-3.20pm on 17 August. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Ticketing info

Tickets can only be booked online. They are free of charge but, due to the popularity of the ceremony, it is necessary to book as far in advance as possible.

The Ceremony of the Keys is currently fully booked until July 2018.

Please bring the e-ticket accessed via the link on your booking confirmation. Visitors will be admitted to the Tower under escort at 21.30 hrs (9.30pm) precisely.

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What is Ceremony of the Keys?

Footsteps echo in the darkness. The sentry cries out, 'Halt, who comes there?' The Yeoman Warder replies, 'The keys.' 'Whose keys?' 'Queen Elizabeth's keys.' 'Pass then, all's well.'

Aside from the monarch's name, this is the exact exchange that has been spoken for centuries and forms part of the traditional 'locking up' of the Tower of London.

Set amidst the mighty battlements of this ancient historic fortress, the Ceremony of the Keys is one of the oldest and most colourful surviving enactments of its kind. Although the monarch may no longer reside at the Tower, the Crown Jewels and many other invaluable objects still do, therefore its importance is still paramount today.

Important information

Please note that late arrivals will not be admitted. The ceremony will conclude at 22.05 hrs (10.05pm) after which all visitors will be escorted to the exit.  There are no toilet or refreshment facilities available.

Booking conditions

Tickets are non-transferable. We are not able to change names on bookings under any circumstances.

There is a maximum number of tickets that are available to any one applicant. Multiple bookings under the same name or address will be cancelled and will be refused entry on the night.

We do not accept bookings by groups, schools or third parties, tour operators etc. Any bookings will be cancelled. We are not able to offer a waiting list.

Photography is not permitted during any part of the ceremony.


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Raven soft toy

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