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Wars of the roses

about this session

Key stage 5 | Subject: History | Topics: Medieval | Session type: Depth study

While the Wars of the Roses raged, the Tower stood as a symbol of legitimate rule. But can we trust this symbol? 

In this session, students will analyse the Tower’s role in cementing the reigns of both Yorkist and Lancastrian kings, through its functions as royal palace, makeshift prison and execution site.  

Students will examine the Tower’s buildings, alongside documentary evidence, to evaluate whether they can trust the physical remains and the layers of different interpretations placed on them. 

Exam board links

This session has been designed to complement the study of the Wars of the Roses, and particularly the following exam boards:

  • AQA Unit 2B: The Wars of the Roses, 1450-1499.
  • Edexcel, Paper 3 Option 30: Lancastrians, Yorkists and Henry VII, 1399–1509.
  • OCR, Unit 1 Y105: England 1445–1509: Lancastrians, Yorkists and Henry VII (Enquiry topic: Wars of the Roses 1445–1461).

Booking Information

Monday - Friday
10:30, 13:00

90 minutes

Up to 25 students

£110 per session plus admission

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