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Pirate Prisoners MLD

about this session

KS2 | Subject: History | Topic: Tudors, Stuarts, trade and migration| Session Type: Route-based 

From a hill overlooking the River Thames, the Tower has seen many people come and go over the centuries.  The river has been used for trade, migration, exploration and crime. Join us to learn more about how to become a pirate or, if you can secure Royal backing, a privateer. Discover the fates of two ‘pirate’ prisoners- Sir Walter Raleigh and Alice Tankerville- and how differences in wealth and status marked out their lives, their imprisonment and even their deaths. 

This session is delivered by a presenter skilled in supporting students with moderate learning difficulties. 

This session is based entirely on route, in public areas of The Tower of London. 

Learning objectives 

Children will: 

  • Learn what makes someone a pirate  
  • Learn the difference between pirates and privateers 
  • Understand how pirates relate to the Tower of London and to compare the experiences of two “pirate” prisoners.  

National Curriculum links 

This session supports: 

  • Local history 
  • Significant turning points in British history
  • An extended period study e.g. Crime and Punishment

Booking Information


10.30, 12.00, 13.30 

60 minutes 

Up to 35 children 

£100 plus admission 

We also offer SEND sessions suitable for students with MLD and SLD, aged between 6 and 16 years, who attend special schools or units.

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