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Broomfield School

Broomfield School, London

Key Stage 3 students at Broomfield chose trees to represent life and growth and to symbolise the value in all of us as each leaf is needed to create the whole tree. Vines illustrate connection and determination and the roots represent the school’s core values of inclusivity and community. Key workers holding hands symbolise support and friendship and the students wanted to show their thanks to them.

This bench was brought to life in collaboration with artist RP Roberts – a landscape artist by trade and artist for sculpture trails.

the winning design

We could really see the thought process behind the design and how students connected their own personal experience to a nationally significant moment. This was great storytelling through illustration and we liked the way it displays the values taking root through the tree and people.

Tower of London Schools Coronation Competition Judges

The bench at the tower

Coronation Benches at the Tower of London for the Tower of London Schools Coronation Competition


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