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Loughton School

Loughton School, Milton Keynes

Loughton School’s Year 3 students worked together to explore some of the challenges the UK is currently facing, and linked these to the values they would like to represent the coming era of a new British monarch. Their bench design illustrates the values they believe in, including treating everyone fairly and equally, celebrating everyone's differences, being yourself, love, friendship and being charitable. The students also included symbols which represent the monarchy, including the crown, sceptre and orb which are housed in the Crown Jewels collection at the Tower of London.

This bench was brought to life in collaboration with artist Katy Dynes – a freelance illustrator and workshop provider.

the winning design

We thought this delivered really powerful messages and demonstrated a strong understanding of values (e.g. including a food bank in the design.) We liked the words written by the children and it is clear that a lot of thought went into this.

Tower of London Schools Coronation Competition Judges

the bench at the tower

Coronation Benches at the Tower of London for the Tower of London Schools Coronation Competition


Anne Boleyn

How did Anne Boleyn become queen and why did Henry VIII execute her?

Queen Charlotte

Wife of George III and mother to 15 children

Queen Victoria

From pampered princess to elderly empress: wife, mother and queen